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Athlete Insider

Domenic Mauro B.A., IFBB Press Commission

Domenic is known by many for signing and working with some of the top athletes, celebrities and models in the bodybuilding industry. He’s worked with approximately 300 athletes including IFBB Pros such as Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, Branch Warren, Johnnie Jackson, Ms. Figure Olympia Davana Medina and Jenny Lynn, IFBB Pro fitness sensation Allison Ethier, diet guru Chad Nicholls, trainer of champions Charles Glass, The Biggest Loser T.V. show’s celebrity trainer Kim Lyons, Actress/Model Carmen Electra, WWE star Torrie Wilson, Bigger, Faster, Stronger star Christian Boeving and number of professional MMA fighters. He’s also rubbed shoulders with industry and sport legends Joe and Ben Weider, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Mike Tyson, Triple H, Randy Couture, Dana White and 8 time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman! Aside from the high profile names, Domenic has also put together numerous events for the companies he’s worked for including the Mr. Olympia, Arnold Classic and countless NPC and IFBB Shows. In addition to working with the top supplement companies in the world, he has had the privilege of working on the sales and marketing of world class events as the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl, the PGA Tour, and CTV Olympic Games Broadcast. Domenic majored in Kinesiology and Health Sciences while attending York University in Toronto and graduated with a degree in Human Psychology.

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Female Bodybuilding

QUESTION: Hey Domenic, what’s your honest opinion of female bodybuilding?

ANSWER: I’m a huge fan of all things bodybuilding—regardless of gender. In my opinion, there’s simply no better way to remodel your entire body while building inner strength! Whether you’re male, female, young, old, bodybuilding is a fantastic way to “build” your “body.” Last summer I was at the CBBF Nationals and couldn’t get over how popular female bodybuilding was! If you missed this show, click HERE. These women have incredible physiques and you can see they really love what they’re doing and the fans still cheer like crazy for their favorites. Now for some people, these muscled-up women are just too much. But ask anyone not in the bodybuilding industry if they’d rather look like Ronnie Coleman or Brad Pitt, and nine out of ten will tell you Mr. Pitt. Everyone has their preference for what they deem to be the ideal female body. That said, it doesn't take away from the hard work and dedication these women put in the gym.