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Latest Columns

Women's Physique Division
Uncensored - Scott Welch
QUESTION: Hey Scott. Mad props for you for sponsoring the female bodybuilding division at the London show. Sorely needed nowadays. So I'm definitely have to give you mad props for stepping up... more
Acupuncture Helps WIth Depression
Sports Medicine - Dr. Ken Kinakin
QUESTION: In Scott Welch's "Uncensored Column" this month, he mentions that many top bodybuilding champions use Acupuncture to treat injuries. What's your take on acupuncture?  ANSWER: Research... more
Contest Posing
Elite Physique - Dan Kennedy
QUESTION: At a recent OPA bodybuilding contest I entered, the judges said my posing sucked! I’ve got some good size and cuts but if you ask me to hit a “quarter turn to the left” and I’m thinking... more
Is Organic Food Worth The Money?
Muscle Diet - Mark Gilbert
QUESTION: Mark is eating Organic REALLY worth the money? ANSWER: Yet another study - this time published in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry - has concluded that there is no nutritional... more
Do fat burners REALLY work?
Muscle Diet - Mark Gilbert
QUESTION: I recently saw on the news that two separate studies showed that fat burner products don’t work! What’s the deal with this? Are fat burners just a big scam? ANSWER: Don't EVER pay any... more
QUESTION: What's your opinion of Leucine and its use in bodybuilding? ANSWER: There are 20 amino acids needed to build muscle and other cell structures in the body. Eight of these aminos can’t be... more