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48 Plate Leg Presses for 20 Reps!
Mass Secrets - Greg Kovacs
QUESTION: I’ve heard stories and read stuff back in the day about how big and strong you were that seem a tad bit exaggerated. Come on, man. What were your real measurements and lifts? No bullshit... more
QUESTION: I read MUSCLE INSIDER and think you guys do an amazing job of telling it like it is!  My problem is that whenever I increase my calories in the off-season, my face breaks out like a pizza... more
Herculean Back
The Bodybuilding Professor - Bryan Haycock
QUESTION: My chest responds really well to pretty much anything I do, but my lats suck. No matter what I do, they never seem to grow. What can I do? ANSWER: Building an impressive Herculean back... more
Alcohol & Bodybuilding
Uncensored - Scott Welch
QUESTION: I love drinking beers on the weekends with the boys and picking up the ladies! I train all week for the ladies. Work my ass off doing a stupid job for the ladies. Go through traffic jams... more
QUESTION:  I want to use Tribulus to boost my test levels, but I keep reading about how you have to use the right “strain” of Tribulus, which apparently only comes from Bulgaria. Is this true?... more
Big Bob's Breakfast Fajitas
BodybuildingCookBook.com - Laura Creavalle
Big Bob's Breakfast Fajitas 6 egg whites and a yolk fat-free cheddar cheese fat-free flour tortillas Beat the whites and yolk and put in a skillet with PAM cooking spray. Cook the eggs... more