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Phenomenal Abdominals

Markus Kaulius

Markus started in the supplement industry in 1999, selling sports nutrition to his friends. His focus on the health and fitness lifestyle lead to immediate success and in 2005, he started Magnum Nutraceuticals. He still trains 7 times per week and has appeared on countless magazine covers around the world.

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Abs on the Road

As a small business owner, I’m on the road a lot. Magnum Nutraceuticals is available in more than 50 countries worldwide, which means I spend a fair amount of time living the hotel life. I’m never one to use this as an excuse for being out of shape. So think of this article as an instruction manual for maintaining amazing abs while you travel. Here’s my advice to you:

1. Plan ahead. When I’m booking my travel, I always plan out my workouts. Will I use the travel days as days off? Does my hotel have a sick gym? (Check the hotel’s website for photos to find out for sure.) If not, how far is the closest gym?

2. Plan your eats. You’re about to find out how obsessed I truly am about keeping my abs. I freeze enough meals to get me through my trip and bring them. Yes, you read that correctly. I rarely trust that my destination will have enough clean options for me, so I bring my own. We’ve already established that food makes the physique, and if you think you can train through a few days or a week of fast food and eating out, you’re sorely mistaken. If going through airport security with frozen food seems a bit extreme to you, then at least look up the food choices where you’re going. Pick a place that makes a good chicken/quinoa bowl and order a couple per day to keep in the old hotel mini-fridge.

3. Stick to your training plan. You’ve already established which days you are training and which days you’re taking off. Keep that plan in mind before you order that third glass of wine on the company bill—those empty liquid calories aren’t going to look good on your Instagram post tomorrow, no matter which filter you choose.

4. Drink more water. It’s so easy to forget to drink water while travelling, and so often we find ourselves dehydrated. If you’re dehydrated, you won’t be thinking straight, and so skipping your workout for the day might occur to you. Not okay! Not to mention that you won’t feel energetic for a workout anyway. You need to have a fluids plan, and you need to stick to it.

5. Eat more broccoli. You knew it was coming! It’s difficult to get your greens in while travelling, but this is when you really need them. You need that roughage to help you digest these foods you aren’t used to. Even if you aren’t travelling in a different country, the food you’re eating is not the same as the food at home. You need this digestive support, and you need that broccoli to keep your ab gains. I always get a microwave sent up to my room. I boil water in the microwave (or the coffeepot can work too), throw the broccoli in for 15 to 20 more seconds, and boom! It’s go time!

If you follow my advice, I promise you will keep enhancing your physique while you’re away. It’s a lot better than having to take the next two weeks to repair the damage you did. Safe travels, my friends.

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