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Bruce Kneller

Bruce Kneller B. Kin
With close to 20 years of experience in the sports nutrition arena as a published author, holder of multiple patents and formulator of some of the most financially successful sports nutrition products ever brought to market, I offer a unique skill set to companies looking for a discernible, competitive edge in this consumer market. My experiences at the executive and "C" level run the entire gamut in sports nutrition - from product conceptualization, initial R&D, global regulatory exposure assessment, material synthesis & extraction, material (consumable and container) sourcing, logistics and terms negotiation, packaging and advertising design, marketing analysis and strategy, dealing with product complaints/adverse events, outsourcing of manufacturing, audit planning and audits, dealing and negotiating with regulatory agencies on a global basis, tort negotiation & settlement negotiation, intellectual property protection and enforcement. My goals and expectations for you when you retain my services are to place you, your company and your products into the Top 5% of whatever market segment you seek to compete in or penetrate. I have extensive and deep ties to materials brokers and manufacturers all over China; with highly managed facilities that have documented cGMP compliance audits conducted upon them by independent 3rd parties (photographic and video capture) to insure the safety, efficacy and identity of each and every dietary ingredient that will go into your branded, unique dietary supplement(s). My relationships with these organizations allow me to use economies of scale to provide you with the most competitive prices on dietary ingredients in the industry with some of the most lengthy and innovative payment terms and plans.


Q. You seem to be a huge fan of L-carnitine. What form of L-carnitine do you feel is the...