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Sarah Ainsley Harrison


Magnum Athlete – Sarah Ainsley Harrison

CBBF National athlete / Magnum athlete / Fuel Foods athlete / Ascenta ambassador / Absolute Touch athlete / Bikinilicious athlete
DOB: December 8
Height: 5'11" (182 cm)
Favourite Cheat Meal (Top 3): Belgian waffles, Pizza, Burgers (Burger Revolution)
Top 3 Magnum Supplements That You Use: Quatro, Primer, Opus, G-Spring
Favourite Hobbies: Sports such as rugby and volleyball, hiking, walking and playing with my dog, volunteer work (children’s charities, women’s charities, environmental organizations)


Big Dave: You’re an ACTRA actress, a published model, and a World Vision “Celebrity Ambassador,” and you were Miss International Canada in 2013. These accomplishments would be enough for most people. What made you want to start competing in the world of bodybuilding and fitness?

Sarah Ainsley Harrison: I don’t believe in resting on your laurels; I’m always striving to grow, to experience something new, and achieve a new goal. I loved competing in the Miss International and Miss Universe Canada pageants, but I wanted my next challenge. Throughout my life, I’ve played many sports like varsity rugby, so injuries as well as the desire for better posture led me to my love of the weight room. Competing in the fitness industry was the perfect combination of the feminine beauty and poise of pageants, blended with the athletic toughness of rugby. It was an exciting new challenge for me, and sculpting your body is highly addictive. “Just a little more curve here, a little more cut there,” pushing yourself past what you thought you could achieve and towards new levels of what your body can do functionally and aesthetically. Having the experience of many different performance-based sports and the background of beauty pageants, it made the transition very easy on me and I felt I’d found my calling.

Big Dave: What is your competition history? How long did it take you to get to the CBBF Nationals?

Sarah Ainsley Harrison: I got to CBBF Nationals my first year competing. My first two competitions, I won first place. I worked on building more muscle for the rest of the year, and then used my qualification the next year to go to Nationals, where I placed fifth, requalifying me to the next year.
2015   3rd Runner-Up     Miss Swimsuit International Canada
2015  2nd Place     CBBF National Championship

2015  3rd Place     Toronto Pro Show
2014  3rd Runner-Up     Miss Universe Canada Pageant
2013  Miss Canada     Miss International Pageant
2013   5th Place     CBBF National Championship
2013   Top 12 & “Best Body” Award   Miss Universe Canada Pageant
2013   2nd Place     NSABBA Provincial Championship
2012   Top 12      Miss Universe Canada Pageant
2012   Bikini Tall Champion    NSABBA Provincial Champion
2012   Bikini Champion    Maritime Bodies Fitness Competition

Big Dave: What did you take in school? How do you plan on changing the fitness industry for the better?

Sarah Ainsley Harrison:
- Tourism and Hospitality Management (Nova Scotia Community College/Mount Saint Vincent)
- Personal Training Specialist (PTS): MyBootcamp Coach, TRX Rip Trainer, Advanced Kettlebell Coach
- Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST)
- Facial Movement Taping (FMT)
- In pursuit of RHN & RYT

I want to encourage people within the fitness industry to look for a balanced approach that serves long-term health and not just quick fixes for short-term goals. You see a lot of people in the fitness industry who are quite fit but not truly healthy. My ultimate goal is to be a well-balanced, all-inclusive coach, from fitness and nutrition to tension and wellness. My clients can receive help in all areas, because health and fitness are like a puzzle—you must put all the pieces together. I have been a coach and personal trainer for nearly 10 years, but in the last two years I added kinesiology taping and fascial stretch therapy into my practices, and next up I’m taking my holistic nutrition certification over the next two years and yoga teacher training in the summer.

As much as image matters to me coming from a world of modelling, pageants, and fitness competitions, long-term and internal health are of the utmost importance. Your exterior beauty will fade without proper care of all areas. I also like to promote natural beauty as an all-natural athlete (i.e., no plastic surgery and drug free). You can shape your body with hard work, dedication, and discipline.

James Ingram, Jive Photographic

Big Dave: Some of the fans would like to know how competing in the Miss International Contest was. How is it judged compared to CBBF/IFBB competitions?

Sarah Ainsley Harrison: Competing in the Miss International Pageant was the experience of a lifetime and a dream come true. I travelled to Tokyo, Japan, for two weeks in December 2013. Representing Canada is such an honour because of the way people perceive us; our nation is welcomed with warmth and admiration. Many of the Japanese people were almost as excited to see Miss Canada as they were to see Miss Japan. Canada is seen as a kind, noble country with good manners and intriguing culture. I was truly proud to wear that sash.

International Contest Judging:
1) Judges often get a preview of “pageant week” activities. Press conferences, charity events, and photo shoots happen during this week; video cameras are constantly rolling. The judges may see this footage, but it’s unofficial pre-judging.
2) Official judging takes place after pageant week onstage
- Bio Intro (In your national costume) – “Northern Lights”
- Bikini Walk
- Evening Gown Walk – Pick the top 15
- Top 15 Evening Gown Competition – Pick the top 5
- Top 5 Answer Question – Pick the winner from that

In Miss Universe, the top 15 are picked from the bikini round and then the top five are picked from evening gown, but for Miss International, all selections are made while in the evening gowns.

Big Dave: What is your training routine? How does it differ from pre-contest to off-season?

Sarah Ainsley Harrison: My training is broken up into six grouped workouts. Lately, I’ve been giving myself three lower body workouts and three upper body workouts during the week with one rest day, usually Sunday or Monday, and I’ve been making some solid progress over the past few months. I’m breaking up my leg days into anterior chain and posterior chain, and I give my glutes their own day since they are clutch for bikini category. I tend to break my upper body workouts into push/pull/shoulders. The workouts are based on proper periodization techniques, which I design and update for myself and my clients. My workouts don’t change drastically before my competitions, but I do more high-rep complexed/compound/polymeric exercises during prep.

Big Dave: What are your plans for 2016? A lot of international competitions have popped up around the world. Are you interested in competing internationally? Or do you want to stay here in Canada and win the IFBB pro card on home soil?

Sarah Ainsley Harrison: I competed internationally for the first time last year at Arnold International and would certainly do it again, but this year, I’m focusing on the 2016 CBBF National Championship and the IFBB pro qualifier. Ideally, I would like to win my pro card on Canadian soil so I can be a “Miss Canada” one more time!

Big Dave: What is your current Magnum Nutraceuticals stack?

Sarah Ainsley Harrison:
Morning: 1 caps Mimic, 1 packet Primer, 1 scoop Performance greens, 1 scoop glutamine, 1 scoop Hi5 CBAA, 1 scoop quarto vanilla, 2 caps Acid. I also like to mix Quatro CPB with my oatmeal.
Pre-Workout: 1 scoop Limitless (Black Cherry with Grape kicker) + 4 caps Volume
Intra-Workout: Opus (Orange Creamsicle) + Hi5 BCAA ( Strawberry with Blackcherry)
Post-Workout: 5 caps BigC, Quatro + Glutamine
Evening: 4 caps G-Spring

Big Dave: Obviously you’ve been extremely successful at a young age. What advice would you give to people aspiring to follow in your footsteps?

Sarah Ainsley Harrison: Everyone needs to understand that they have the ability to change their lives for the positive and to make a decision to go after their dreams. I find that a lot of people are afraid to try because they’re afraid to fail, and they’re afraid to ask because they’re afraid of rejection. The power of intention is incredible! The worst that could happen is that person says “No” and you will learn a lesson of what did or didn’t work and gain from that experience. I believe that the biggest regrets are usually the things you didn’t do.
Try to live life each day at a time; no more “tomorrows.” Just take action each day, big or small, as long as it gets you closer. Progress, not perfection.



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