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Michelle Ralph-Larose

Michelle Ralph-Larose Is a mother, a full time stylist, a National level bikini competitor and the owner of Clean Eats Sweet Treats. 

While preparing for her first competition in 2016, this self proclaimed “doughnutologist” had begun creating healthy, low carb, low sugar, protein desserts. The perfect alternatives to the traditional high carb, sugary baking we all know and at times crave. This allowed her to be less restrictive and maintain a healthy relationship with food, while still achieving her physique goals. 

Upon completion of a successful first season of competing, Michelle gifted baskets of her homemade healthy treats to some very supportive people in order to show her gratitude. Word of these hand crafted decadent treats spread quickly and resulted in her baking protein doughnuts for many local individuals and delivering them to gym parking lots like a drive by doughnut dealer...but not for long. Within a short period of time, Michelle’s products would be found in two local retail stores, a supplement store (Boss Supplements Sudbury) and also one that specialized in organic products. (BE Greater Organics Inc). Within the year, a third establishment was added to the list, and to date her products have been available in 7 stores (including 3 Smith’s Markets Inc.) both locally and expanding to the outskirts of her area. 

Michelle’s “passion project” turned business, has brought her such joy knowing she has contributed to helping others reach their personal goals, whether it be to support a healthy lifestyle, or to service those in the competitive fitness community. You may have seen her supporting local gyms, boot camps and events such as the Sudbury keto meet up as well as numerous Canadian Physique Alliance events. 

A sense of positivity and community is important for this small town baker. Michelle takes great pride knowing that she can bring quality, value and support to others and believes food is meant to be shared among friends, taste great and provide your body the fuel it requires to accomplish what you expect it to. 

She looks forward to sharing her time & creative recipes with all of you, from her kitchen to yours. You can sneak a peek of Michelle’s products by visiting her on Instagram @cleaneats.treats, or on Facebook at Clean Eats Sweet Treats. You can also browse her tasty creations by visiting her website www.cleaneatssweettreats.com