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Mel Chanthaseng


Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Nationality: Laotian
Age: 28
Occupation: Registered Dental Assistant

Melissa Chanthaseng, born on March 24th, 1987 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and has always been an active individual. Throughout elementary and high school, she participated in track, soccer, volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading. After graduating from high school she chose to continue her education in the Dental Assisting program. After many years of working as a Registered Dental Assistant, she realized the importance of adequate health and the essentiality and relation of it to oral hygiene, which inspired her to become more knowledgeable in health and fitness.

After a year of training, she was driven to compete in her first Novice show where she had placed 2nd, Provincial show placed 3rd and Canadian national show debut placed 4th. That year, she realized she had potential and decided to continue with her fitness journey to not only motivate herself, but also motivate her friends and family.

In Melissa’s first show in 2014, she had placed 4th in SABBA provincial show. Although she had a better placement the year before, she pushed herself to bring a better package to the stage for Nationals. After her second year of competing, she became the first bikini athlete from Saskatchewan to receive an IFBB Professional Status at the CBBF Nationals in Edmonton on July 5th, 2014. She is presently prepping for her pro debut for the Toronto Pro Show 2015. Melissa is truly honored in representing Canada at the IFBB events and ecstatic for her future with the IFBB.

“ A well-built physique is a status symbol. It reflects the hard work you’ve put in. You can’t steal it, you can’t borrow it and you cannot hold onto it without constant work. It’s from dedication, discipline, self-respect and dignity.” - Unknown

Competition history:
SABBA Novice 2013 - 2nd place
SABBA Provincial 2013 - 3rd place
CBBF National in Vancouver 2013 - 4th place
SABBA Provincial 2014 - 4th place
CBBF National in Edmonton 2014 - Overall Bikini and IFBB Pro Card Status

Stay in touch with:
Facebook: Mel Chanthaseng Ifbb Pro
IG: Melchanthasengifbbpro