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Matt Evans

Matt Evans
Ottawa, ON
Physique Mobile Fitness

Fitness and athletics have always been a part of Matt Evans’s life. Adept at many summer and winter sports—both indoor and outdoor—it seemed a natural transition then for Matt to develop his muscular performance on another level. So that’s what he did. At 16 years old, he took up the iron and started lifting his father’s weights, and by the following year, he was taking supplements to support his gains. After a couple of fitness modeling gigs and paying his personal training dues in Toronto, Matt returned to Ottawa to set up his mobile fitness business. He holds multiple fitness certifications as well, and he isn’t short on motivation. Says Matt, “What I enjoy the most is training clients and getting them the results they are looking for through customized programs geared towards their needs and goals.” Look for Matt to compete this June in his first natural bodybuilding contest.