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Helen Bouchard




Helen Bouchard grew up in a very disciplined atmosphere, it had to be this way living with 14 foster brothers and sisters. Once she graduated high school, Helen received a nursing degree and then opted for another disciplining aspect in her life by joining the Canadian Forces as an officer in the nursing field. She would spend 16 years in military service and she attributes this service to making her stronger and a better person today.

Her bodybuilding career would begin in 1998 but this was not her first introduction to the sport; she had been a follower of the sport since she was a child. But in 1998 she decided at the age of 30 to start stepping on stage herself. However, her short career took a drastic turn for the better after meeting and working with IFBB Pro Donna Logue and Brian Logue and started her pursuit towards the IFBB Pro ranks. After 8 shows and 6 years later, Helen found herself in the overall spot at the 2003 Canadian National Championships and an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.

Since 2006, Helen is very proud to have trained four new Canadian IFBB Pros, Nicole Ball in 2006, Nadia Nardi in 2007 , Lyris Cappelle in 2009 and Melody Spetko in 2010.  All these athletes won their IFBB Pro card by winning the Canadian Nationals. Helen finds this aspect of her sport to be one of the most rewarding.  "It is a great thrill to see an athlete win that coveted Pro card and know that the time invested by both the athlete and me was worth it."  Helen also really enjoys judging and tries to judge as many National level shows as she can every year. Outside the world of bodybuilding Helen loves to travel, bake, watch movies and spend time with her family and her little yorkie Vegas.


Height: 5’6” 

Contest Weight:  165 

Off-Season Weight: 185

Competitive History:

  • 2010 - Ms.Olympia – 9th place
  • 2010 – Europa Battle of Champions – 2nd Place (Qualified for Ms.Olympia)
  • 2010 – Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Weekly Championship – 4th Place
  • 2007 - Atlantic City Pro – 7th Place Heavyweight
  • 2007-  Sacramento Grand Prix – 5th Place Heavyweight
  • 2006 – Ms.Olympia – 8th Place
  • 2006 – Atlantic City Pro – 2nd Place (Qualified for Ms.Olympia)
  • 2004 - Night of Champions – 11th Place HeavyweightMy Contest History:
  • 2003 - Canadian National Bodybuilding – 1st place Heavyweight & Overall (IFBB PRO) -158 lbs
  • 2001 - Canadian National Bodybuilding – 2nd place Heavyweight - 1st place Masters Class -148 lbs
  • 2000 - Canadian National Bodybuilding – 2nd place Heavyweight - 147 lbs
  • 1999 - Canadian National Bodybuilding – 4th place Heavyweight -146 lbs
  • 1999 - Alberta Provincial Championship – 1st place Heavyweight & Overall -145 lbs
  • 1998 - Quebec de L’Ouest – 2nd place Heavyweight - 128 lbs