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Denis Pedneault

Denis Pedneault
Excellence Fitness
Sherbrooke, QC

A combination of athletics and academics make personal trainer Denis Pedneault a veritable force in the fitness coaching industry. As a successful lifetime drug-free athlete, Denis has been training for 17 years and has competed in 17 contests over the last 10 years. Earning multiple wins, he also holds top-five placings at several events such as the IFBB Arnold Classic Amateur and the IFBB Worlds Championships. Denis is also a lecturer at the University of Sherbrooke and has delivered seminars on several subjects related to bodybuilding and written more than 20 articles on the subject, as well as a best-selling book on exercise and musculoskeletal injuries. Denis, who has spent over a decade training clients and coaching athletes, says, “Nutrition and supplementation play a big role in the preparation plans of my clients, so I have to emphasize that aspect as much as training with them.”