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Christopher Wong


IFBB Pro Christopher Wong:

He’s known to many of his fans and followers as “King Kong” Wong. But life for this massive IFBB pro was not always as grand. Christopher grew up in Canada as a minority and was one of the smallest kids in his class. “There was no passion for life,” Christopher felt. “I was always afraid of what life experiences may be waiting for me … wondering if I was good enough.” It was through these moments of uncertainty that Christopher fell into weightlifting. Christopher would hear his uncle every morning at 6 a.m. picking up and putting down weights. He started off wondering, then watching, and then doing! It wasn’t long before he was hooked. Through lifting, he could feel the great release of energy in his body, and he found himself suddenly walking taller, with his head held high, eventually achieving the confidence that gave him the ability to take on the world, no matter what obstacles would be thrown his way.

It was here that his passion for life was recreated. He was able to leave all the pain and emotions in the gym.

Twenty years ago, Christopher competed and, with great success, became Mr. Tampa. After achieving this dream, Christopher took a break from bodybuilding to begin a family, having “a handsome son and a beautiful little girl.” Even though he was a family man, Christopher never took time off from the gym. Christopher saw the gym as his release, and it gave him the abilities and strategies to deal with all of life’s situations. Still living with the bodybuilder mindset, Christopher made the decision 20 years later to see just how far he could take his bodybuilding career. Well, Canada fell for the man known as “King Kong.” Competing within the Ontario association, Christopher was welcomed with a great reception from both judges and fans in the audience.

Christopher qualified for Nationals (in the Canadian arena) in just a year and a half. In August 2012, he stepped on the National stage with some of Canada’s best and earned a top-five placing. In July 2013, Christopher focused on his goal of winning and earning the coveted IFBB pro card and made it happen. Christopher is a personal trainer as well as a coach to those who wish to follow their own dreams of competing and one day turning pro.

Born: November 22, 1966
From Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Chris lives in Toronto, Canada.
Favourite Body Part: “I really don’t have a favorite body part, but I know which body parts are my weakest and need the most improving.”
Strongest Body Part: “I think the body part that stands out the most are my arms.”
Favourite Supplement: “I would have to say Karbolyn.”
Contest Weight: 246 pounds
Years Competing (how long have you been in the industry?): “In 1994, I competed in Florida in the Tampa Bay Classic, in which I won the Heavyweight and Overall. Then I placed fourth in the Mr. Florida a week later. Then many years later, I came back to Canada and competed the last three years.”

Competition History:
2013 CBBF Junior/Masters Men’s Bodybuilding: Masters; earned IFBB Pro Card
2013 CBBF Junior/Masters Men’s Bodybuilding: Masters Overall
2013 CBBF Men’s Bodybuilding: Men’s Super-Heavyweight (2nd)
2013 CBBF Junior/Masters Men’s Bodybuilding: Over 40 Heavyweight (1st)
2012 CBBF Junior/Masters Men’s Bodybuilding: Masters 40–49 Heavyweight (4th)
2012 CBBF Men’s Bodybuilding: Super-Heavyweight (4th)
2012 OPA Ontario Provincial Championships – 3rd Masters Heavyweight, 2nd Super-Heavyweight
2011 OPA Ontario Provincial Championships – 7th Masters Heavyweight, 4th Super-Heavyweight
2011 OPA Sudbury Championships – 3rd Masters, 2nd Super-Heavyweight