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Carmen Tocheniuk


Age: 34
Born: White Rock, BC
Raised: Smaller town close to Edmonton named Whitecourt
Lifelong goal: To motivate others to take their health into their own hands and be responsible for their total well-being. To educate people about their very own genetic make up so that they personally have the best tools possible to make better informed decisions regarding their health and fitness future.

Carmen is a successful Canadian fitness competitor an entrepreneur offering total health and fitness programs and personal training Carmen owns various health and wellness company such as karmalife, Karmalean custom fit foods and Alberta roots promotions. she also works with Gourmet Secrets the biggest online food company in Canada,  and USb Canada. the 34-year-old bodybuilding champion has been involved in fitness training for more than 15 years.

She chose to become a bodybuilder at the age of 14 years old after life altering event that made her knowledge the importance of being fit at age 13 Carmen and her mother were involved in a tragic car accident while on the way to a figure skating competition Carmen woke up in the hospital to the realization that she had several broken bones to punctured lunges to compression spine fracture and three broken lumbar vertebrae that required a body cast for several months. after a body brace for more than a year while her condition was devastating.

She was in more agony to see her mother with life-threatening injuries including a major brain injury Carmen's determination to ensure her family's well-being transformed her young teenage mind and put trust into her career of a fitness and bodybuilding. Her first encounter with a gym was motivated by her physical recovery from the accident in addition to its ability to enhance her mental and emotional health these were extremely valuable benefits.  the accident left her family financially stressed and Carmen had to drop out of school and work the local gym with her sanctuary that kept her from becoming involved in drugs drinking all sorts of trouble. Carmen got the opportunity to play competitive hockey when she joined Notre Dame college for one year in order to receive a grade 12 credit. afterward she returned to her hometown whitecourt and bought the gym that introduced her to bodybuilding. this was the beginning of her life as a health and fitness entrepreneur.
Carmen was an active competitor in the Canadian middleweight bodybuilding when she incorporated Karmalife DNA testing technology into her training program in 2011. the simple DNA swab test provided her with a fitness profile that was specific to her own personal genetic makeup which significantly enhanced her preparations for the championships that year. Her training was more focused and productive which freed her time to engage in other hobbies including fishing camping gardening and riding her motorcycle.Carmen is also active in charity programs around Edmonton including go girl the hundred women that care and inner city children.

Carmen feels like we have a health and fitness were to fight especially against childhood obesity and in her mind it all starts with knowing what your baseline genetics are so that you have a fair chance right from the beginning. She shares her message and passion to truly help people find a better way to healthy living and to help others reach and maintain their fitness goals. She uses her own life storey of fears, frustrations, ambitions and triumphs  to get her message across that anything is possible.  Her passion has been no went to empower others through health and fitness solutions.
The Karmalife family of companies can be described as a shopping mall with many different stores that that is consistently expanding and looking for new opportunities and is dedicated to healthy living in promoting a healthy lifestyle through technology, exercise, nutrition and science. Carmen seeks to introduce people to the benefits of Karmalife in fitness training, nutrition, supplementation and general well-being. it uses real science to provide a unique health and fitness plan with the supplementation program workout routine and diet changes.

Carmen's  passion in encouraging healthy living is also seen in her Karmalean  custom fit foods business which designs healthy nutritional plans and prepackaged  healthy ready to eat meals that can be shipped right to your doorstep.

Carmen talks about people having wonderful knowledge stocked up on their bookcase and it not being used but yet A simple healthy meal a day can make a big difference in helping people eat just a little healthier on a daily basis.

As Carmen grows her businesses she's always looking for new stores in her Karmalife online shopping mall. she's interested in opportunities, partnerships and sponsorships that can be mutually beneficial. please do not hesitate to contact Carmen directly with any questions.

Carmen would like to thank her dad for teaching her how to dream at young age, that no dream was silly and to chase that dream- and then to figure out a service to provide society with that dream because when you love what you do-only greatness can follow. Her dad was always showing her how to have fun and make a living at the same time. Carmen loves her entire family as she values them all greatly especially her mother who has lived in physical pain her entire life and somehow has never complained or burdened anybody with her own obstacles ... For she, has showing Carmen what selfless is  truly about. And even more so her mother has taught her to keep pushing forward no matter how much pain or hurdles are in the way.

Have a strong day, you are worth it!
Carmen Tocheniuk
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