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Anya Ells


Anya Ells is a published fitness model, coach, personal trainer and newest canadian IFBB Bikini Pro. She began her career by exploring  fashion, and found her inspiration in fitness training and nutrition instead.

Anya’s twin sister Tasha first began competing in figure, and was her inspiration for the love and dedication Tasha had to a lifestyle of healthy eating, fitness and the simple pleasure of competition.

Anya found her passion and drew on the activities she loved most; being outdoors, snowboarding, swimming and running.  “Staying active was always a priority, and when I channelled in on the things I loved to do and turned it into how I live my life, I found balance and a tremendous amount of energy – acting as my motivator”.

As a person driven by goals Anya, began competing in bikini competitions, that feuled her desire to  be a lifestyle coach and fitness entrepreneur. She made it her goal to win the coveted IFBB Pro Card, which she achieved at the 2015 Arnold Amateurs. Following her one philosophy she is now making new goals and plans to see what she can accomplish next.

Competition history:

OPA Stratford 2013 - Overall bikini Champion
OPA Toronto Provincials  2013 - Overall Bikini Champion
CBBF Nationals BC - 4th place Bikini class B
Arnold Amateurs 2014 - 2nd place Bikini Class A
CBBF Nationals 2014 - 1st place Bikini Class B
Arnold Amateurs 2015 - Overall bikini Champion - RECEIVED PRO CARD:

Facebook: Anya Ells
Instagram: Anya Ells